We understand business, technology and processes. That is what enables us to apply technology better.


Right experience – over 30 years of experience in delivering and managing complex, enterprise Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN ) and Wireless Local Area, Networks (WLAN).

Right technology – Armed with advanced troubleshooting tools, we send an experienced team capable of delivering exactly what you and your business need.

Right expertise– Delivering the right blend of cost-effective network services that enable you to make the right investments at the right time.

Making the journey simple and effective


Our Network Audit service is non-intrusive. Our qualified engineers work invisibly behind the scenes to establish a clear and accurate view of your network today. With three clear steps, your journey is simple and effective. 


We evaluate your network in one visit - Our engineers assess every aspect of your network, collecting all the intelligence we need to make targeted recommendations.

Create the report - Fresh in our minds, we quickly review and analyse our findings in detail, Drawing together a simple, yet comprehensive report. This features your logical and physical network, assessing performance, Network resilience, traffic types and topology.


Present Recommendations - Understanding your business and future IT strategy, we present a concise view of the report; key highlights, potential problem areas or instant opportunities to achieve savings.

If you are planning IT investments in;


Unified communications - To transform communications and empower remote workers.

Desktop Virtualisation - To achieve efficiencies and improve end users services.

Wireless Network Deployments - To deliver an effective wireless service to your BYOD and corporate and logistics wireless demands.

EDEN-IT -Entrepreneurial yet pragmatic



At EDEN-IT,we have unrivalled expertise in designing,installing and managing network in frastructures. Having designed and supported complex,enterprise networks for over 20 years we have perfected our Network Audit services. It’s the intelligence behind everything we do.


Our award winning engineers have designed, optimised and redesigned many enterprise networks delivering best value to our customers.Entrepreneurial yet pragmatic, we have a reputation for quality engineering and operational excellence.


We have proven to deliver signifcant cost savings and performance improvements in local and central government, education, tele- communications and the commercial sector. This is why our customers choose EDEN-IT.

Your network is the life blood of your business.


We live in an interconnected world where fast, robust and scalable networks are critical to success.How confident are you in your network? Is it optimised, secure and geared for the future?